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North DakotaThere are varying stages of rehabilitation. It can be very challenging to go through the rehabilitation process, especially if the one being treated just decides to go through a do-it-yourself program or just attends meetings from support groups.

These types of programs can be very effective too, but sometimes in severe cases, the one being treated from substance abuse or even alcohol abuse really would have to go through an inpatient treatment facility.

In North Dakota, there are numerous facilities that offer residential care. They have the approval and accreditation of the mental health and substance abuse division in the state. This division of the state government is in charge of the rehabilitation regulations for drug and alcohol abuse issues.

There are eight treatment centers in the region that run the programs for substance abuse. There are also programs in the state hospital of North Dakota in Jamestown.

All abusers of different substances are actually accepted in these centers. They do not discriminate the people who would like to get into their centers. They also welcome pregnant women who are substance or alcohol abusers.

There are eight regional offices and all of these are all over the state. The rehabilitation programs that they recommend are of quality care and are cost-effective. The Northwest Human Services Center is the one of the human service centers out of the eight in the state, that gives state-funded treatment.

This specific division also takes care of issues that are linked to addiction and emotional problems brought about by the substance to the individual and those who are close to him or her. It handles three counties of the said cases.

A huge number of people have already gotten help from this facility. It began as an initial project in counties, William, Mackenzie and Divide. This project was born in 1971 and ever since, it has been of great help to a lot of people.

The Badlands Human Service Center on the other hand caters to other counties, like Stark, Golden Valley, Billings, Hetting, Adams, Bowman and Dunn. This facility also offers inpatient alcohol treatment.

Another facility that provides residential treatment in North Dakota is North Central Human Services Center. This was born in 1981 and is still a state-funded facility. This covers seven counties namely, Alary, Mountrail, Renville, Pierce, Burke, McHenry and Bottineau. This is also of the one of the eight facilities in the division.

There is an advisory council in the region and it has representatives from each county in the division. The Westhuman Center is another facility that provides support emotionally to the individual and his or her family. This facility caters to 130,000 members of a ten mile county.

The Lake Region Human Center is a facility where professional inpatient alcohol treatment can be obtained. The center caters to the people of the 6 counties located within the devil’s lake. There are a lot of professionals in the facility who can aid in the fast progress of individual’s rehabilitation and recovery.

There are rehabilitation cases that need to be referred to private practitioners. This would refer to long term addiction problems. Thus, if the individual and his or her family opts to go with a private doctor, then that will do too.

There is also the South Central Center, which is a center for inpatient treatment and caters to the residents of ten counties. Moreover, there is the Northeast Human Service Center for the residents of the counties of Walsh, Pembina, Nelson and Grand Forks.

Last but not the least, there is the Southeast Human Services Center that also offers inpatient treatment for alcohol and substance abuse for North Dakota’ssoutheast region.